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Some helpful tips to learning the songs in this section:  Get a recording of the song and listen to it as much as you can.  Being familiar with the song makes it much easier to learn.  Memorize each section of the song independently (verse, chorus, bridge) so you do not need to refer to the sheet music.  Try playing along with the recording and connect what you are playing with what you are hearing.  These documents do not have the arrangements or words of the songs just the sections.  Downloading the lyrics and making yourself a sheet outlining the sequence and order of each part of the song will have you playing it in no time.   If you want practice soloing/improvising over the song first find the key of the song at the top of the page.  Go to the scales tab and find the key for the song you are working on.  I would recommend starting with the pentatonic scales first.  Enjoy and good luck.

 Beatles-Dear Prudence
 Coldplay-Clocks Eric Clapton-Running on Faith
 Elton John-Crocodile Rock
 Beatles-Something Jimi Hendrix-Hey Joe
 Nirvana-Come As You Are
 Nirvana-Smells Like Teen Spirit
 Beatles-Twist and Shout
 Hole-Doll Parts
 U2-One U2-With or Without You
 Bob Dylan-Like a Rolling Stone
 Oasis-Wonderwall Foo Fighters-Doll The Who- Can't Explain 
 Van Morrison-Brown Eyed Girl Sing-Ed Sheeran
 A Sky Full Of Stars-Coldplay
 Do I Wanna Know-Arctic Monkeys 
 While My Guitar Gently Weeps Solo
 Simple Man-Lynyrd Skynyrd


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